PHIL 230 Quote Identification Quiz

This is a simple webapp I created to quiz myself for the PHIL 230 Quote Identification portion of the final exam.

Here's how it works:

1. Quotes can be added by yourself or other classmates using this page.

2. Quotes that have been added will randomly appear here.

3. Since the quotes and the answers are student generated, answers may be incorrect or quotes may be poorly choosen. To help mitigate the appearance of incorrect information, flag incorrect answers (once a quote has been flagged more than 3 times, it will no longer appear), vote up good quotes and vote down bad quotes.

Because no log in information is collected, the questions you've already answered correclty are not recorded. As a result, you may see the same quote multiple times. If you do not want to keep answering the same question, just hit the skip button.

Hope this helps... enjoy!

I threw this thing togehter pretty quickly so you might run into a few bugs or typos... email me ( if you experience any.